Album Review: Onda Vaselina – “Entrega Total” (1997)

When people think of Onda Vaselina, most of the time people go back to the group’s beginning when they are just kids and singing covers of oldies. Prior to this album, La Onda Vaselina dropped the “La” and the 20 members of the group to become a teen pop group. Their previous album (to be reviewed later), “Hoy” was the group growing up…but it took another a second album for the group to find who they truly were.

“Entrega Total” helped Onda Vaselina become a mainstream pop group. In the US, boy/girl groups don’t do well but in Mexico, it’s almost a way of life. Groups before Onda Vaselina like Timbiriche, Parchis, and Fresas, were household names that featured both genders. These groups allowed new groups like Onda Vaselina and Kabah to rise in success. They appealed to everyone.

This 1995 album, as I said, was a lot about the group finding themselves as a Top 40 pop group, but don’t get fooled, songs like “Entrega Total” and “Resbalandote” had a serious rock edge to it. The group’s most successful song from the album, “Mirame A Los Ojos” is so catchy that you can’t help to love it.

During this era, many artists were releasing songs as themes to soap operas which really did help them gain fans and mainstream appeal, Onda Vaselina wasn’t immune to this. The song “Te Quiero Tanto Tanto” was the theme for the soap opera “Mi Pequena Traviesa”. The song was recorded with two different chorus’s one from the soap opera and one that had no mention of the “novela”‘s name in it.

I never was a fan of early Onda Vaselina, but once they became a teen pop group, their music, especially this album began major rotation in my music. If you know their band as OV7, take this album with a grain of salt for the date it was released and how wet behind the ears they still were as they began to take more control over their music, style, and image. Even though you have a good 5 albums before this, you have to seriously think of this album as the group’s “sophomore” album due to the major change.

It truly is as good as second albums get… far better than the first but yet not as good as what the future holds.

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