Miguel Bosé – “Por Vos Muero” (2004)

Considered one of the greatest singer/songwriters of this century for Latin music, Miguel Bose has always been an artist that flourished with each album, maturing as he goes while not letting go of his younger followers. Though he has not really embraced the Top 40 radio, he always seems to be there with every album.

“Por Vos Muero” released in 2004 making it his 15th studio album in decades of work. Miguel Bose began his career in the ’70s and by the beginning of the ’80s, Bose was a teen idol. You could tell that wasn’t the crowd he wanted, so his image drastically changed as he became more internationally known and he became known as a more of a high caliber ballad singer with many European influences.

The album here demonstrates how very different he is compared to his counterparts like ballad singer, Alejandro Sanz or even Julio Iglesias. On “Por Vos Muero”, Miguel uses a lot of horns like sax and to give his album a very Noir feel to it, along with heavy pianos. He feels like he is backed by a full orchestra, reminiscent of tenors singing opera. There is nothing mainstream about “Por Vos Muero” and would have trouble finding an audience on the popular radio while other ballad singers can. Miguel gives us a performance, not an album.

Musically, it is crisp and relaxing and Miguel’s vocals are nothing but perfect; though as some who loved early Bose with songs like “Amante Bandido” and “Como Un Lobo”, it is hard to relate to this album. There is nothing fast or upbeat about this album and it seems very depressing if you don’t know enough Spanish to translate the lyrics. While I am glad to have this album in my collection, it is not an album that I can seek out to listen to when I want something to enjoy.

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