Menudo – “Os Ultimos Herois” (1990)

Since the mid-80’s Menudo had been recording in various languages other than their original language. It first started with English, then moved to Portuguese, Japanese, Italian, and Tagalog. Normally songs in other languages, except English, were just rerecorded for the country they were promoting; so in 1990, Menudo issued “Os Ultimos Herois” which is the Portuguese version of “Los Ultimos Heroes”, but also contained songs from “Sons of Rock” and “Somos Los Hijos De Rock”

When Angelo left Menudo, he was replaced by Cesar Abreu, who apparently didn’t like the group, so he left the group just about 8 months into his contract. Because Menudo was in the middle of promoting this album, they decided to re-issue the album with the new member, Adrian. Adrian was supposed to be the replacement for Sergio, who was scheduled to depart; but when Cesar left, Sergio offered to stay on for a little while longer.

The album was remastered and featured Adrian’s solos instead of Cesar’s. So in the grand scheme of Menudo albums, this album would fall in on the 30th and 31st if you count them as different albums since the vocals are a bit different. Both versions are hard to find with them popping up on eBay every so often.

It’s hard to review an album like this due to the fact that I honestly would review the original versions, instead of the foreign version. The music is just the same, vocals are basically the same, minus the Cesar/Adrian, who replaced Angelo, who originally sung the Spanish version. My version of the album is on MP3, collected from various people and times and what I have pieced together is Cesar’s version with the one extra song that was added to the reissue.

I gave this album a 3.5 star just because the album as a whole seems like a Frank-N-Album, stuff just taken over different time periods and pieced together. The choruses are not as smooth as in Spanish and things just feel off on the placement of the songs on the album.

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