Menudo 1983 The Original Crossover

In 1983, Xavier left the Puerto Rican pop group, Menudo, and Ray Reyes became the new member of the group. This was the first time that a new album was not released to celebrate the arrival of a new member. There is a big gap in Menudo history that is missing from an official release, and the recent posting of a video on facebook made me rethink Menudo’s music and where it could have gone IF we would have seen an official release based on what the band was performing.

In early 1983, Ray began singing “Si Tu No Estas”, which was from the album “A Todo Rock”. At the same time, Miguel began singing songs in English like “Motorcycle Dreamer” and “Gimme Rock” and Ricky sang “Gotta Get On Movin” but yet there wasn’t an album that was corresponding to the group’s music.

At the same time, this is happening, Menudo was signing a deal with Lorimar and RCA for a big crossover. Miguel was around during this signing and it makes me think that the group was hoping for a release that would have been a bilingual album. It would be 2 albums before we saw Menudo in English and two member changes later, but the music, lyrics, and recordings were already in place as we saw Menudo on English language programs like Silver Spoons, and even news shows where the group performed with Miguel.

In the facebook video posted recently, we saw Ray singing “Chicle De Amor” in concert without Roy, but with Miguel in the background. Again, why is Miguel performing songs from A Todo Rock, when Roy should have already been in the group if the album was actually recorded with Roy.

Think about the idea that A Todo Rock featured Miguel, not Roy… and Motorcycle Dreamer, Gimme Rock, and Gotta Get on Movin’ where actually on the album. Based on history so far, should there have been an album with the Johnny, Miguel, Ricky, Charlie, Ray line up? Yes… Would it be easy to see A Todo Rock as a bilingual album, absolutely?

I would love to get my hands on a Menudo and ask the true story about this missing era of the group.

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