Maria Jose – “Amante De Lo Bueno” (2010)

After Maria Jose left Kabah, she became a soloist. Actually, she is the only member of the group to have had any kind of success as a soloist and has turned out nothing but hits. When she released her debut album, she put her foot in the door of pop music, using her popularity from Kabah to have a semi-successful album. But then she released her sophomore album, which was a cover album of hits from the ’80s that were made popular from Divas before her. The album had so much success, especially with the club scene that she was in the running for becoming a diva herself.

With “Amante De Lo Bueno”, Maria Jose continued with the same theme by releasing another album of covers, featuring songs from Amanda Miguel, Daniela Romo, Maria Del Sol, and others. This album turned out, even more, hits for the grown-up Kabah member. She proves that she is not just playing around. Maria Jose wants to go down in history as a pop diva and this album does that.

One of the reasons this album does so well, just as the album before it did, is because growing up in the ’80s these are all songs we heard on the radio. So, that fact that you can sing along on the first listen makes it easy to cling to; but Maria Jose changes the music and vocal styles enough that brings it up to date and keeps these classics fresh. During Kabah, Maria Jose had the strongest voice and all of the songs on the album cater to the power that his girl has, and her voice is so unique that you immediately know this girl has staying power.

The power ballad, “Despues De Tu Adios” is excellent, you couldn’t ask for anything else to get the chills going up your arms. My favorites on the album are “Esta Amor No Se Toca” (because I really love Yuri), “Un Nuevo Amor” and “No Soy Una Muneca”, they really display her talents as a singer.

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