Maria Del Pilar – “En El Dancefloor” Single

Just as I got to know the band, “Los Abandoned”, the lead singer of the group decides to go solo… Maria Del Pilar is on her own and has got together a new album, “Songs + Canciones I” and the first single off the album is entitled, “En El Dancefloor” which she classifies as a love letter to the clubs of Los Angeles.

The single, which just became available on digital media includes 3 songs, the album version, a radio edit, and a remix; all of which are pretty decent versions. Nothing is overly cluby, honestly they are straight up pop music with a hint of disco flair.

I love this girl’s voice as it is very similar to Stephanie Salas, even the new music that Stephanie has come out with has a lot of the same underlying beats making the music, for me, feel very familiar. This is a good thing for me. I don’t have a lot of music knowledge, so I can’t get into style names and a lot of comparisons to English bands, but what I can tell people is if I like the music and if I think it is good. This is good. It is very good and I am looking forward to hearing the rest of the album.

As for the video, I am not fond of “lyric” videos, but they are popular and it helps people learn how to sing along with the music, which should be a plus for this non-Spanish speaker like myself, but I prefer to hear the music and song as it is. Lyrics, for me, hinder the enjoyment I get from the music itself.

Give Maria Del Pilar a listen… I think you will like it.

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