Lucero – “Indispensable” (2010)

Today I decided to spend my day writing music reviews on some of the new music I just recently acquired; this could be old or new music. When I scanned my collection, I wanted to find something I had yet heard but a voice I was familiar with, so I chose Lucero’s 2010 CD of “Indispensable”. I have listened to Lucero since her album “Con Tan Pocos Años”, and for the most part I have enjoyed a lot of Lucero’s most popular hits but she wasn’t an artist that I sought out.

This afternoon for the first time, I put on “Indispensable” thinking that I was going to get an album of what I was used to from Lucero, which was lots of great ballads with a few pop tunes mixed it; but this is not what began. I had to double-take to make sure that the correct CD was in the case when high synthesized dance-pop beats began playing. What? Lucero went dance?

With this album, Lucero can finally compete with a younger generation of artists without sounding like she was trying too hard to be something she wasn’t. The music is fabulous and I am honestly sorry that I haven’t given this a listen before now. Yes, there are a few songs like “Dueña De Tu Amor” that is a traditional Lucero style, but for the most part, the music on this album can be compared to people like Alessandra and Fey. I can’t stop bopping up and down as I am writing this.

I am also glad to see Lucero graduate to a songwriter as she wrote the lyrics to all of the songs from this album. My only complaint about the album is the one complaint I have with all Latin singers, not just Lucero; it is that there is no reason to sing in English if you are not going to release the song to the English market. It has been rare to see an artist have one English song and take it to the very discriminating US market and succeed. I would have rather seen another great song in this singer’s first language. Other than that, this album is great for pop music lovers.

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