Kairo – “Signo Del Tiempo” (1994)

It had been a long time since I even thought about Kairo as a group, so when 3 CDs showed up at a local used media store, I had to buy all three of the CDs. Starting with Kairo’s debut album “Signo Del Tiempo”, I seriously don’t remember seeing Kairo on TV after the first album where “Hablame De Ti” and “En Los Espejos De Un Cafe” were playing all over the radio. So seeing two other albums kind of made me happy.

Kairo fell during the time when “boy bands” were on their way out… Magneto was getting older and on their way out, but we hadn’t seen groups like UFF and Boom yet. So Kairo’s success or non-success was solely based on the hopes that girls who were older than 18 but hadn’t gotten married, would find them sexy enough to buy into the idea that guys who looked like underwear models could sing and entertain them.

When if first put on the CD and the first track “En Los Espejos De Un Cafe” came on, it brought me back to 1994 and for a brief moment, I was excited about listening to this album. This first song is exciting, upbeat, and such a great song…no wonder it was a hit right from the start. Then the rest of the album continued… The second track falls flat as it is to be the group’s theme song “Cairo”, but there is nothing special about it. You don’t bounce, you are not excited, it is just three guys singing a song that is hard to care about. That is pretty much how the album continues. If you were around back then, you will know the 8th track, “Hablame De Ti”; but since the songs in between it and the first track are as bland, it just fades away and you almost miss it as you are so bored by the time it gets there.

Kairo’s music on this album is very hard to get into. Nothing stands out beside the first track. The ballads are not memorable and I just don’t think Kairo is anything more than a one-hit-wonder at this point. Unless the next album changes my mind, I think my Kairo find in Houston was a waste of my money, even though they were only $4 a disc.

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