Ivonne Guevara – “Sofa” (2012)

Ivonne Guevara, better known as Ivonne from Flans, released an independent CD in Mexico, though the music is available locally in digital formats. I found this album on eBay when I was looking for Flans’ “Primera Fila” and I paid a butt load to get this album, almost $40. That was before I knew I could find the digital for this.

As the last member of the trio to release a solo album, Ivonne moves away from any similarities to her past days as Flans with an album that is a bit rare to hear coming out of Mexico. Musically, Ivonne brings us a jazz-influenced techno-pop album that is extremely different than what we are used to. But it doesn’t seem all that unwarranted as if you were a Flans fan from way back, Ivonne appeared on a late-night variety show before Ilse and Mimi went solo, singing a blues-infused jazz sound.

Ivonne never seemed to march to the beat of a typical drum, which makes having this album quite fun, even though it comes down to the straight-up fact of whether I like it or not. The answer is MAYBE!

Now, I start off giving this a 3 1/5 star rating just because it really isn’t the type of music that I would seek out to listen to but it’s not horrible. It’s a little more mellow than I would like it, but its Ivonne. I have not been one to like something as a soloist just because I like the music from the group. I just don’t know how I feel about it because it is just so different than anything else coming out of Mexico at the moment, or 2-3 years ago. I still don’t even know how to classify it though it is along the lines of “chill-out”.

I know that probably the more I listen to Ivonne’s “Sofa” the more I will appreciate where it comes from but it might take more than a few listens for it to grow on me.

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