Graciela Mauri – “Graciela Mauri” (1988)

The ’80s was full of performers who were given albums for no reason other than they could. This was good because every once in a while you would get an album that you just fall in love with. This is that album. Graciela Mauri, in the ’80s, wasn’t the greatest singer, but the music is so catchy. It was like listening to Mexico’s Debbie Gibson or Tiffany. Maybe she was a little closer to Markita, but none the less, Graciela Mauri’s debut album was pretty darn good.

The first single, “No Puedo Mas” was on the top of the charts with the video directed by Eduardo Capetillo of Timbiriche fame. Graciela started off as an actress as a child and as she grew up, she saw the fame that her brother, Tono Mauri (Fresas Con Crema) had; it was only a matter of time that the music bug would bite her in the rear.

The first four songs are straight-up pop music, while the fifth song is a ballad that really has no great attachment to me. It is just there for filler for all the fun. The album I owned on vinyl, but when the CD craze came in full force, I burned my copy to CD and sold my vinyl, now the MP3s from the CD burn is still on my iPod since this album is very out of print. It will be one of those albums that I won’t get rid of because the upbeat songs on the album are just that good.

Overall, the music is dated but then what music from the ’80s isn’t…but for its time, it is decent and fun listen.

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