Gloria Trevi – “De Pelicula” (2013)

Gloria Trevi used to be called Mexico’s Cyndi Lauper, but that was over a crazy 20 years ago. With a career that has spanned over 25 years, 2013 was going to be the year that Gloria took over the music world again. And for the most part, she did.

With the release of “De Pelicula”, Gloria did not only record an album but she created a theme that she was able to take on the road for a tour like none other, as well as a reality tv show and became a key person in Latin pop music of today and all without autotune.

The first two songs on “De Pelicula” are super upbeat club songs that get your blood pumping immediately, but then she brings it down for an intense ballad that is pure Gloria. In the past, Gloria has been able to give us ballads that are so intense sounding that you want to cry. She has so much emotion in her voice, that her ballads seem so sad. But no worries, Gloria’s fourth track allows us to back to dancing with a duet with Shy Carter, an urban hip-hop artist.

In between the songs, Gloria adds a snippet of audio of a movie projector making you feel that the songs are part of a film with different parts and scenes. A rollercoaster ride of ups and downs with musical styles and sounds, create a full album that can appeal to all pop music fans. If you are a person who likes ballads, Gloria has them. If you like to dance in a club, Gloria has that for you. If you just like Gloria Trevi, here is her.

I like the fact that she took the movie theme so far into her promotion of the album with her videos, making them like little movies. Her tour which so far has consisted of over 30 cities in the US and Latin America has helped promote the album making her so accessible as an artist. Overall, the album is pretty decent when it comes to pop music. She does not have to rely on gimmicks with sound to make it sound current, Gloria has been doing her thing for years and it works for her.

The only thing I felt was a waste of tracks were the banda versions at the end of the album. I can understand why because it gives Gloria another audience since she hails from Monterrey, Mexico where this style of music is most popular. But as a pop artist, I think we could have left it off. There is also a Deluxe version of the album which contains an alternate version of the song, “Sabes”, along with Karaoke versions on some of her songs and a DVD.

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