Gloria Aura – “Rueda Mi Mente” Single

Just when you think that someone is off your radar musically, you find out that they are still releasing music. Wow!

I found out about Gloria Aura many years ago when acquiring a friend’s music collection and fell in love with Gloria and her albums from 1999-2002, but then it seemed like she fell off the face of the earth, at least musically.

Come to find out that she has been doing many stage productions over the years and just last year, released a single, “Rueda Mi Mente”. Pop fans will instantly know the song as it is was made popular by Ex-Timbiriche member, Sasha Sokol. But the song was written by Fernando Riba and Kiko Campos.

Gloria’s rendition is completely different than Sasha’s though the song is still a ballad. Gloria’s voice blends well with the song. Gloria has always had a voice that I loved; it is strong and has something unique about it.

I was getting ready to review an album from 2001 when I saw this single and felt it was more impressive to review the new music first. So Gloria… please come back with a new studio album, especially if the music will be like “Rueda Mi Mente”, hell… do a Sasha tribute album and I will be good.

“Ruede Mi Mente” is available in digital formats.

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