Fey -“Faltan Lunas” (2006)

I recently was discussing Fey with my girlfriend and discussing the album that could make a Most Essential list, and the topic of the album, Faltan Lunas came up and while I might have included it in such a list, my girlfriend had a different opinion. This is why I pulled Fey’s Faltan Lunas out for another listen and review.

When I think about this album, my mind thinks that it is a new album but it’s not. Faltan Lunas is eight years old and there have been a few albums that followed. That makes the album hold up over time because the music is not dated, but to deem this album as essential I was told that it must be able to appeal to the masses and not just Fey fans. Four songs in and you are still hooked to the album.

The first track, “Y Aqui Estoy” is almost a perfect pop songs with a great dance beat and lyrics that you can’t help to sing with, same with the title track, “Faltan Lunas”. “Como Un Angel” is a nice ballad that still flows well with the other songs around it. It takes you until track 8 of the 11 track album to have a song that for the most part doesn’t fit or blend well. “Entre Dos” feels like it was leftover from one of Fey’s early albums that they needed to place and it fails to provide any substance to the album; but once you make it through that track, you are back on track with “Yo Decido”.

Yes, the album does end on a not so great note with the slower song, but it does flow well with the album’s style. After sitting through these 11 tracks twice, I can see why this album wouldn’t make it to an Essential Pop List, but it is the album that is superior to Fey’s early albums when it comes to accessibility for the masses. Fey knows how to appeal to the music buyers and while this album didn’t have the sales to back it, I think that it is probably one of Fey’s most underrated albums.

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