Fangoria – “Un Dia Cualquiera En Vulcano 1.0″ (1992)

I have had this album on vinyl for years and honestly never really gave it chance. Over the years, I have really come to appreciate Fangoria’s catalog of music as it has played on my iPod since I do own every album of the band.

Is this where one should start if you are just getting into Fangoria, no. In the band’s early stages, they were very experimental. While they still are, they were more so then and trying to appeal to Spain’s club scene, this worked for them. The main hit from this album, “Salvame” is still relevant today. You can’t tell Fangoria’s 90’s music to anything from today that is how ahead of their time Fangoria is musically. It is also why so many Spain artists can do tribute albums to this band and have great covers, the music lends itself to being open-source. Fangoria says, “Here’s the base music and lyrics, now make it your own.”

Two songs from this album are covers, “El Dinero No Es Nuestro Dios” is the Spanish version of the English band, Killing Joke’s “Money is Not Our God”, and “Basura” is from Los Panchos, a 40’s bolero song. I particularly love “El Dinero No Es Nuestro Dios” just because it is so much harder than everything else on the album, which is more for clubs; this song almost makes Fangoria out to be a rock band than a electronic band.

Over the years, the group has reissued this album. A CD was issued with remixes, then again in 2003 and 2008, and again just recently last year in a 5 disco compilation; mostly released in Spain though a release made it to Mexico, also.

As a whole, this album was just a small stone in the life of Fangoria, who continues to grow musically and continues to impress us with music that is universal as well as long-lasting.

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