Enjambre – “Proaño” (2014)

Before starting this blog, I had never heard of the band, Enjambre; but with over 250K of fans on twitter, this might just be a band I need to check out. Their fifth album, “Proaño” was released last year and it’s available on Spotify to give a listen to before you decided to buy their album.

This rock band hails from the northern part of Mexico. In the mid-’90s, brother Luis Humberto and Rafael Navejas, along with Angel Sanchez formed a group together that mixed grunge, punk, and rock with ballad tempos; but in the late 90’s Luis Humberto and Rafael moved to California and from there they were joined by Nico Saavedra and Osamu Nishitani to form the band, Enjambre.

Over the next years and four albums, the band as caught the eye of the press and they won prestigious awards Premios Lo Nuestro. Again, I still never heard of them. After a successful tour in the Mexican rock scene, the group returned to the studio to give us a fifth album, which makes the first for me.

And as I sit here listening to the album, I know I don’t hate the album but at the same time, I don’t love it. There is something plain about it, or familiar. Their sound is no longer punk or grunge. Their rock style is softer and slower, but not like a power ballad. It is honestly hard to explain the sound, but it almost reminds me of a retro feel to it, which is kind of fun. The song “Rosa Nautica” is a good example of what I am trying to explain with thoughts of seeing a 70’s love child at Woodstock stoned.

The more I listen to it, the more I like it. By the end of the first listen, the album has grown on me and has given me a reason to listen a little more to their discography if it is anything like this. Again, I am not falling in love with the album from the first listen; though I do want to hear more.

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