Efecto Mariposa – “Efecto Mariposa” (2001)

It has taken 14 years for the Spanish pop band to get enough recognition for their music to be available mainstream on digital downloads like iTunes with their newest album, “Comienzo”, but we are going back to the beginning of the group’s career and taking a look at their first album which is self-titled.

If it wasn’t for a friend who gave me her entire catalog of music, I might never have heard of this band until now like many of our readers. Efecto Mariposa hails from Spain and is formed by a female lead singer, Susana Alva, backed by 3 other musicians. They signed with Universal Music Spain though the group had minor success in Latin American countries like Mexico.

Susana’s voice is clear and steady, so it has a sound that is unique and familiar all the same. Musically, the sound is straight-up pop music, but not like band’s like “La Oreja De Van Gogh” which seemed to have more of a dance beat, Efecto Mariposa is softer, calmer but not easy listening. The album’s flow is smooth, it sounds complete and like all the songs go together.

This album is in rotation on my iPod and on shuffle when one of the songs shows up, I seem to know the song and the music-making it easy to learn. While nothing stands out that makes me say, I LOVE THIS ALBUM, I can’t say I hate it because I really do like it.

The album is not available at the moment for download or streaming on places like Spotify, but I have found it on eBay for purchase from private sellers as I think this is now out of print. But if you have heard the new music of theirs and like it, I recommend that you go back to the beginning and start over. This album is worth hunting it down.

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