Single Review: Crash – “Haces Que Salga El Sol”

Crash, a Spanish indie pop group, released their first single on December 4, 2014, on iTunes. They were a band I found on Twitter when one of their fan Twitter accounts followed Pop En Espanol. Again, we are always looking for new music so we grabbed the single based on the preview that iTunes gave us to listen to. It seemed to fit my style, so I purchased it.

About halfway through the song, I was confused and thought that the iTunes song was broken because the lyrics of the song looped. Yes, we get “Whoa oh, oh, oh, oh” for 3 minutes. Yes, it was as bad as I make it out to be. So, I went to YouTube and hunted down the video to see if it was my digital track that was messed up or not. Nope, that is the song.

The guys in Crash (Carlos on drums, Mario and Raul are on guitar with vocals, and Rafa is on bass with vocals) step outside of the box for a unique take on pop music. It reminds me of Kabah’s song “Esperanto” which is a basically different emphasis on the “Na Na Na” throughout the entire song. The Crash guys give us a fun pop tune that can be sung in any language in the world, which proves that music is the universal language.

After realizing that the loop is intentional, I gave it another listen and actually really enjoyed the music. Good job guys! Let’s see what song number 2 or the full album is gonna be. Follow @Crash_Official on Twitter


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