Alejandra Guzman – “Eternamente Bella” (1990)

The third album of Alejandra Guzman, Eternamente Bella brought so much success that it almost guaranteed it to be the album that took her from an 80s pop singer to an international pop star. It follows the semi-successful sophomore album, Dame Tu Amor.

After watching Alejandra’s promotion for the first two albums, one could say she was tame and cute; but the release of Eternamente Bella changed all that. For the first time, we were seeing Alejandra more than a sexy pop-rock star and the music turned from average to great.

The album has a little for everyone as if Alejandra was trying to test out the waters to see where she would move musically. The hits “Un Grito En La Noche” and the title track, “Eternamente Bella” are straight-up pop, while songs like “Sherif” and “Estoy Bien” are a lot harder rock. And then you have the power ballads of “Llama Por Favor” and “Cuidado Con El Corazon,” the latter became an anthem in its own right. But I think my favorite song from the album has to be “Di Que Si, Di Que No”, which is a mellow pop song and not as catchy as the bigger hits.

I believe this album is probably one of the most influential albums in Latin Pop history as it has mass appeal to it. It definitely will be one of the best albums of 1990.

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