Alejandra Guzman – Dame Tu Amor (1989)

The sophomore album of Alejandra Guzman’s career was a classic rock cover album entitled, “Dame Tu Amor”. Following up her successful first album with any other album could have damaged her career; but being the daughter of Mexico’s rock legend, Enrique Guzman, it seemed fitting. The album follows up the successful debut album, Bye Mama.

Growing up with influences of English language rock and blues, Alejandra paid tribute to some classic rock anthems from before her time. This album created her title of “La Diva De Rock”.

On this 9 track cover album, Alejandra sang covers of Elvis Presley, The Rolling Stones, Paul Anka, The Beatles, and more.

All but one song are upbeat pop versions of these classic rock songs, except for one, and I truly believe it is the best song of the album. Alejandra’s version of “House of The Rising Sun”, which was made famous by the rock group, The Animals. “La Casa Del Sol Naciente” shows the depth of Alejandra’s voice and soul and the raspy sound gives chills as she belts out this rock ballad.

Over the years, the album has seen many reissues. The original vinyl album and CD are well sought after, but we can find various newer editions for cheaper prices, but the audio volume seems to be lower than the first edition CD.

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