3BallMTY – “Globall” (2014)

When I saw this CD at Target, I hadn’t heard of 3BallMTY. Okay, let me go back… I actually had seen their name popping up on social media for a while, but never really gave them a listen. But when I saw the pop band Jotdog featured on the CD, this became a must-own for me and my collection.

My girlfriend told me that they were DJs and even referenced people like Conjure One, who used other artists for vocals while they did all the music. Okay, I can dig that especially if their music was similar. But it wasn’t.

3BallMTY (Tribal Monterrey) is a DJ trio that infuses techno, pop, and Urbano music to create a sound that I can say is unique, but borders a little too far over the edge of Urban music that it basically doesn’t make the cut when you are dealing with pop and rock. While the group featured Jotdog on their album, the music that 3BallMTY gives us is nothing that even resembles Jotdog’s music.

It’s hard to rate an album that doesn’t truly fall in our genre base and it is a grey line of whether a review from us would be fair because of the genre differences. Musically, it is not bad if you like techno urban music but it really isn’t on my list of pop/rock artists that need to be followed.


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