Lucero – Aqui Estoy (2014)

Like movies, release dates can be one of the keys to success; and Lucero’s record label, Universal Music, chose to go up against one of Sony’s biggest artists, Thalia. On November 17, 2014, Lucero’s “Y Aqui Estoy” was released on CD and digital formats, as well as a deluxe edition with contains a DVD as a bonus-the same day that Thalia’s “Amore Mio” CD was released causing fans who might be low on funds to choose between two high profile albums.

As a tribute to Mexican pop and ranchera singer, Ana Gabriel, Lucero presents a 14 track retrospect of Ana Gabriel’s greatest hits. The album seems to be definitely cut into two parts, the pop era, and the ranchero era.

When looking back at Ana Gabriel’s career, the album’s tracklist placement seems to be a mirror to it. In the first half of the album, Lucero sings, Ana’s pop ballads such as Quien Como Tu, Simplemente Amigos, and Ay Amor. Lucero keeps the music similar but adds her own unique blend bringing the music the new era of fans. Enjoying Ana Gabriel in the ’80s, you know the songs and Lucero seems to be the perfect person to remake some of the best ballads of the time; but I think the highlight of the first half of the album has to be Lucero’s upbeat rendition of “Pecado Original”, which almost reminds me of a disco hit from the ’70s.

Over the years, Lucero has excelled in both the pop and ranchero genres giving herself the best of both worlds and making herself loved all over Mexico. Ana Gabriel took the same turn at the beginning of the ’90s, leaving adult contemporary music for a career as a ranchero/mariachi singer. The second half of the album features Ana Gabriel’s traditional Mexican songs like Demasiado Tarde and Ahora.

I grew up enjoying Lucero as a pop singer, but her voice does very well in both genres. The music isn’t overly traditional which makes a pop fan able to enjoy both halves of the CD that Lucero gives us. I never thought about anyone ever creating an Ana Gabriel tribute album, but this is a very good one. I wonder when someone will turn the tables and make a Lucero tribute album.

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