Video Review: Camila: “De Venus”

The Latin pop band, Camila released its newest video “De Venus” from their third studio album, “Elypse”. “De Venus” was written by Edgar Oceransky and Paulyna Carraz and is a pop ballad, with a little bit of an upbeat a third of the way in.

The video begins as a concert video, and what artist hasn’t done a concert video? We all know the behind the scenes clips from the recent concert tours, scenes on stage, etc. It felt unoriginal though most artists use concert videos for the faster song, I could see that it was possible for the band to be glad the tour was over and it was a song that could easily be a comedown, relaxing, thank you type song.

Without following the band or the band’s members’ personal lives, one does not truly understand the purpose of the video until a third of the way through the song, during a little drum solo, this is where the band tells you there’s more to their story. The video shows Mario Domm in a hospital room, heartbeat monitors. You begin to think something went wrong on the tour and you could possibly see that maybe this isn’t just a tour retrospect. But then you see it, a baby, baby footprints. Yes, during the concert tour for Camila, Mario Domm’s (the band’s lead singer) wife gave birth to their first child.

While the video is truly a retrospect of the concert tour, they allowed their fans a glimpse into their personal lives and showed one of their most special moments with everyone. So not only were we able to see some of the behind the concert scenes and concert clips, we also got tears in our eyes when the joyous occasion came. Kudos to Camila for giving us something far better than just the standard concert footage, which I have to say was shot perfectly.

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