Rene – Mi Musica (1983)

I had owned this album many moons ago before the digital era came into the world and I was never really a fan of the album back then; but when I digitized my entire vinyl collection and added Ex-Menudo’s Rene’s album to my collection and was able to listen to the music as an adult the music really grew on me.

Rene left Menudo in 1982 and decided to go solo with the help of Menudo’s creator. With songs written by Carlos Villa and Alejandro Monroy, who had been working with Menudo on their new albums Quiero Ser and Por Amor. Carlos Villa penned Menudo’s greatest hit Subete A Mi Moto, so working with someone who was creating Menudo hits at the moment could help Rene get a start on his new career.

Wanting to be taken seriously as a “rocker”, Rene recorded songs like Viva La Radio, Necesito Hablar Con Ella, and Mi Banda Me Traiciono. While these songs were good, at the time it wasn’t what Mexico wanted to hear from Rene. He rested on this recent Menudo fame, but didn’t grab the much on the pop charts with this album. His biggest hit was Viva La Radio. As I go back and listen to the album now, I can tell how the music just didn’t have that mass appeal that that was needed. Take the same music now, and it probably could have been a decent indie album. The music was not hard enough to be rock but was not upbeat enough to be pop. Rene’s Mi Musica fell in the middle of that which now would have been killer.

Artist: Rene
Release title: Mi Musica
Format:  LP
Catalog #:  DP 1019
Country: Puerto Rico
Record label: Padosa International
Release date: 1983


  1. Mi Banda Me Traiciono
  2. Adios Rossana Adios
  3. To Y Yo Nos Salvaremos
  4. Yo Te Quiero
  5. Tu Sabes Que Soy Tuyo
  6. Viva La Radio
  7. Todo Puede Ser
  8. Sexy Como Tu
  9. Sigue El Ritmo, Siguelo
  10. Necesito Hablar Con Ella

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