Menudo – De Collecion (1983)

In 1981, Menudo released an album that doesn’t really fall within the line-up of albums, but it does. When Miguel Cancel entered the group Menudo they released in limited release an album called “Menudo” which fans have penned as Xanadu. The album featured a couple new songs as well as some favorites from past albums.

If you missed that album, we fast forward until 1983 where Menudo released “De Collecion”, the groups first true Greatest Hits album. This album contained songs from the “Xanadu” album like “Cosita Loca Llamada Amor”, which is a cover of Queen’s hit “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”, and “No Se Puede Para La Musica”, which was a cover of The Village People’s song, “Can’t Stop The Music”.

Here is where you would have possibly heard the songs for the first time thinking they were new songs, like I did when I first got the album in the mid-eighties; because without the internet, you didn’t know much more than what was in front of you. The album came with a full color poster if you purchased the album new; but if you find it out in the wild, I doubt you will get the poster as fans took that poster and hung it on their walls. I know I did.

There are a couple of different versions of De Collecion. The Mexican edition has other songs on the album including “No Que No” and “Cielto Lindo”, other editions contain a sticker on the cover stating it comes with a poster, while some US editions had pink graphic in one of the squares stating it came with a poster. This album also came in cassette and 8-Track and was reissued in the late 90’s in CD.

Artist: Menudo
Release title: De Collecion
Format: LP
Catalog #: TRL 1601
Country: USA
Record label: Profono International
Release date: 1983


  1. No Se Puede Para La Musica
  2. Ensename A Cantar
  3. Soy Natural
  4. Ella-A-A
  5. Dos Ninos
  6. Voulez Vous
  7. Me Voy A Enamoriscar
  8. Chiquitita
  9. Cosita Loca Llamada Amor
  10. Libre Mi Corazon
  11. Voy A America
  12. Quiero Verte Feliz
  13. Los Fantasmas
  14. Mas Mucho Mas

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