Maria Fatal – Pasiones Torturas Y Otros Misterios (1997)

Prior to finding this CD on the dollar rack of a used music/movie store, I had never heard of Maria Fatal. I purchased it because the cover of the album looked like it might fall in the genre of rock or alt rock. I am always willing to take a chance on someone I have never heard of, especially for a dollar. I, honestly, thought Maria Fatal was going to be a female singer… come on, Maria? Who wouldn’t have thought that.

When we put on the CD for a first listen to decide whether we were going to keep Maria Fatal or not, we were very…very surprised at what we heard. Not straight up rock and roll, but definitely rock with almost a gothic edge to it. It was not fast and hard like metal, which kind of hurts my brain…but honestly just a good alternative rock sound that can hold its own with other bands like Fobia, including some big name English language bands.

Some of the tracks that stood out for me are “Una Daga En La Sien”, which jumps from a almost mellow sound to harded rock, which seems like a good fit for “Rock Band”; and “Antes Que”. There is a hidden bonus track at the end of the CD, which seems to combined the rock sound with a little techno for a fun instrumental track that ends the album awesomely. This is the second album of the band and it is well worth finding if you like 90’s Alt Rock.

Artist: Maria Fatal
Release title: Pasiones, Torturas Y Otros Misterios
Format: CD
Catalog #: AZT-701-2
Country: USA
Record label: Aztlan Records
Release date: 1997


  1. Antes Que
  2. Silicon
  3. El Diablo
  4. Maria
  5. Sadico Oscuro
  6. Estoy Mutando
  7. Los Herederos
  8. No Hay Limites
  9. Una Daga En Tu Sien
  10. Poetas Con Fusil
  11. Este Dolor
  12. SILENCE 00:09
  13. SILENCE 00:12
  14. SILENCE 00:12
  15. Untitled Hidden Track

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