Aleks Syntek Y La Gente Normal – Lugar Secreto (1997)

Aleks Syntek has always been one who has been one step ahead of music in Mexico and when Lugar Secreto came out under Aleks Syntek Y La Gente Normal, it was again ahead of its time. Since 1995, Aleks with his friends “La Gente Normal” have been turning out albums with hit after hit and with this 4th album, it was no exception.

The sad part to this album is that Lugar Secreto marks the end of the band as Aleks Syntek Y La Gente Normal. All forthcoming albums are considered Aleks as a soloist. While, León Chiprut left the group prior to this album, Michel Rojkind stayed on board for this last album providing the drum lines for this album.

Recorded in Los Angeles, California between August and September 1996, this album featured a more electro-acoustic sound and fusion between pop and heavy guitar, creating a more rock sound. This is the hardest album of Aleks’s career but also one of the most fun albums.

The album all around is a fun, upbeat album that has great songs to sing-a-long with, so turn it up and jam out while driving down the road. It is worth it.

Artist:  Aleks Syntek Y La Gente Normal
Release title: Lugar Secreto
Format: CD
Catalog #:  H2 7243 8 56116 2 9
Country:  USA
Record label:  EMI Music Mexico
Release date: 1997


  1. Sin Ti
  2. Pise La Tierra
  3. Linda Criaturitas
  4. Una Ventana Del Cielo
  5. Otra Parte De Mi
  6. Volando Bajo
  7. Lugar Secreto
  8. Y Donde Esta El Amor?
  9. Sembrando Voy
  10. Cuando El Mundo Cambia
  11. Pisa La Tierra (Version Anti Mix)


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